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The Executive



Eyland Skyn has been formed by Naomi Bremner.  Naomi has 17 years of experience advising on transport, sustainability and community development aspects.  She has a proven track record in the transport and community sectors, covering appraisal, planning, strategy development, policy formulation and project management.


She has successfully delivered a range of projects covering rural and urban transport planning, community planning, public transport supply and demand, concessionary and accessible travel, school travel and scheme and project appraisal, evaluation and audit.


'Eyland Skyn' means 'Island Knowledge' in old Norse, reflecting the principle that projects, policies and strategies are based on a sound evidence base of knowledge, and utilising the unique experiences and values of an island community.

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Key skills & knowledge

•Project management, monitoring and audit.

•Project, policy and programme appraisal and evaluation, including STAG-based studies, and particularly in respect to wider economic impacts, integration and accessibility and social inclusion aspects.

•Economic impact assessment, especially of transport projects in remote and rural areas.

•Up to date understanding and knowledge of key sectors of the Scottish and Highlands & Islands economies.

•Design, undertaking and analysis of business surveys and community and stakeholder consultation methods, both quantitative and qualitative data.

•Highly developed written and verbal communication skills.