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15/12/15...Good progress on the economy HITRANS RTS objective

At their Partnership meeting on 27th November in Stromness, the HITRANS Board heard that the monitoring of the RTS indicators undertaken by Eyland Skyn shows a generally good position, and particularly in relation to the Economic and Accessibility indicators from the Regional Transport Strategy, which both scored 'green', with data suggesting significant progress.


31/08/15 Parenting Support and Information in Orkney

An online survey that recently launched aims to capture information on where parents go to get support and information, challenges they face and ideas for solutions or improvements that could be made.  The survey is being carried out by Eyland Skyn on behalf of the Orkney Childcare Partnership.  The survey is at: www.surveymonkey.com/s/orkneyparents 


31/08/15 New Community Learning and Development Strategy for Orkney

A new CLD Plan will be presented to the Orkney Islands Council Education, Leisure and Housing Committee when they meet on 9th September 2015.  Eyland Skyn led an extensive consultation excercise to inform the plan, and has been working with the Strategic Community Learning Group.


08/11/13...Improving position for HITRANS RTS objectives

At their Partnership meeting on 8th Nov, the HITRANS Board heard that the monitoring of the RTS indicators undertaken by Eyland Skyn shows a generally improving position across the objectives; Notably, the economy objective remains ‘amber’ demonstrating some continuing progress; the health objective remains ‘green’, with data suggesting continued significant progress; environment and accessibility objectives have both improved from ‘amber’ to ‘green’, demonstrating a notable upturn in results; finally, safety has moved from ‘amber’ to ‘red’ reflecting a sizeable increase in the number of people killed or seriously injured on the region’s roads, despite an improvement in respect to the fear of crime on public transport across the region.

Regional Transport Strategy Monitoring Report for 2012-13


06/08/13 Communities offered chance to do it for themselves

A pilot project will get underway later this year to test the potential for Community Councils to participate in the design and delivery of a number of services currently provided by OIC.  The idea, which was originally put forward during a series of meetings to discuss the Council’s budget, has been developed in consultation with Community Councils, community groups and partnership agencies.  It is now set to be tested out as part of a pilot project called Empowering Communities.



12/07/13 New base

Now based at Schoolhouse, Deerness in Orkney.  New phone number: 01856 741 456 and email: naomi@eylandskyn.co.uk.


01/06/13 Air Service Development

Looking for people living and travelling about the west Highlands and islands as part of a review of air services.  This study for Hitrans is assessing the potential to develop a number of new or enhanced air services using available aircraft capacity.  Our online survey is available until 24th June at: www.surveymonkey.com/s/highlands_and_islands_air_services 





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